Save the Forest!: Introduction

Short video of forest fire, city in danger, satellites, firefighters, mission control center, etc, appear on big-screen. Instructions for completing the mission appear through four phases. You will use satellites in orbit around the earth to find the forest fire and use NASA satellites in orbit around the earth to help the firefighters.

Phase 1

Spacecraft Assembly: Build the satellite that will go into orbit to support the mission using available parts in your inventory. Solar Panels on a satellite can transform energy from the sun into electric power. RF Antenna transmits and receives electromagnetic waves. The computer on board the satellite processes data and maintains important functions. Satellite is then built and the user continues to Phase 2.

Phase 2

Imagery Gathering: The satellite built in Phase 1 has a camera onboard used to scan and zoom in to where the forest fire is and take pictures or imagery of the fire. You'll use this camera or imager to capture and zoom into a part of southern California to isolate the primary target. This information will be sent to Earth in Phase 3.

Phase 3

Sending the Imagery Data: puzzle game concept. You have received multiple packets of data designed like puzzle pieces and you have to put them together to process the data. 20 or 30 puzzle pieces of data are arranged and you have to place them on a grid to send the data from the satellite to the ground.

Phase 4

Information Processing: capture incoming data packets coming from the data connection established in Phase 3 and sort the incoming packets into the correct virtual channels. The correct imagery will be formed and showed in the data link panel. Once all data has been processed into information, the mission will be achieved.

Mission Successful

Satellite was built, imagery data gathered, data sent to the ground, then processed and help sent to put out the forest fire. Mission accomplished.

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